Psychotherapist & Counsellor

Cathy Stanton - Psychotherapist & Counsellor

M.A. Psychotherapy, Dip.Couns. (Accredited M.I.A.H.I.P., M.N.A.P.C.P.)

(A) Castle St, Macroom (Wednesday Afternoon)


(B) 6  Great Island Enterprise Park, Ballincollig, P31EC98

(Near Lidl & Regional Training Centre)

 Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling & Psychotherapy are approprite for helping deal with either past or ongoing stressful situations such as:

*** Bereavement within the family or social circle, divorce or a life changing situation ***

*** Issues concerning lack of confidence and low esteem ***

*** Emotional, Physical or Sexual abuse ***

*** Depression, Anxiety or Low Esteem ***

*** Trauma, Past and Present ***

*** Relationship Difficulties *** 


Counselling for Adults & Adolescents

Couple Counselling



About Me

I am an accredited psychotherapist and counsellor. I first qualified as a therapist in 1998. I offer a confidential service for adults and young people. My broad range of experience both previous to and during my present profession have given me a great understanding of how life changing events may affect our health and welfare . Some of my earlier work experience includes being an alternative health practitioner and working with people having learning disabilities. Every stage of my career has enriched my life and sustained my focus on developing a greater sense of wellbeing, both for myself and others.

My Qualifications Include

*** Diploma Counselling ***

*** Cert. Jungian Sand Therapy ***

*** Cert Bereavement Counselling ***

*** M.A.  Integrative Psychotherapy *** 

*** Cert. Arts Empowerment & Facilitation Training ***

*** A.S.I.S.T. - Special Training For The Prevention of Suicide ***


 Where Am I?

My rooms for counselling are in Macroom and Togher. In Macroom, parking is available either in the square or behind the local supermarket.
In Togher, I am located 5 minutes from the South Ring/airport roundabout(N.71) and 5 minutes from the Sarsfield Road roundabout. 


Most people attending counselling and psychotherapy prefer to use talking therapy, however sometimes words are not sufficient to release a person from the emotions concerning their problem or trauma. At these times art therapy may be offered to use within the session to support healing. (Only if the client wishes to use this medium.)

Why counselling or psychotherapy?

At times we are aware that all is not well. We may feel our emotions are out of control. Alternatively we may feel confused and alone and unable or unsure how to share our emotions, especially to those who are closest to us. Counselling and therapy offer a safe environment in which to explore your emotions, difficulties and fears with someone who is trained to help you find a new understanding and perspective of what you are experiencing.

What can I expect?

At first sharing one’s thoughts and feelings with a therapist can feel strange. Its purpose is to help you gain a new understanding of your situation. Both counselling and psychotherapy assist you to challenge your negative thinking patterns and ways of reacting, thus encouraging new opportunities in relating to others.

A session lasts approximately 50 minutes. After the first session, depending on the nature of your issue, I normally offer a short term contract of 4-8weeks. However longer term counselling and psychotherapy is sometimes more helpful. It is usual to attend once a week. Fees are payable after each session.

Counselling- a working relationship

Counselling and therapy provide a unique relationship between the client and the therapist, giving an opportunity to be listened to in a non-judgemental environment.

My Clients

I work with private clients, adults, couples and teenagers . I also receive referrals from G.P.s, organisations supporting clients overcoming domestic violence, sexual abuse, disabilities, secondary schools, local charitable trusts and the H.S.E.
   Daytime & Evening Appointments Available.

 For Further Details or to make an Appointment


Cathy @ 026 46128 or 086 8326475

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