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LeNi Art is handicraft home business from West Cork that creates unique handmade jewellery.

The aim of the business is to provide customers with a chance to buy something exceptional, not based on bulk production but on design that comes from human’s hands.

The idea of LeNi Art has a family background and the way to make jewellery was given over from older generations.


Now the combination of tradition and modernity met together in one place…
LeNi Art is a member of Cork Craft & Design and Macroom Country Markets Ltd.

We Specialise In:

Natural Stone Bracelets

Charming handmade bracelets made out from natural stones.

A lovely range of colors will light up your hand and burst you with joy.

Positive energy and beauty from nature so close to touch…

Leather Strap Bracelets

Original handmade jewellery made out from different textures, colors and materials.

Fun in creation pops out in every bracelet.

Its uniqueness allows them to be a perfect part of everyday look as well as outgoing elegance.

Bead Crochet Bracelets

Unique bracelets made out of hundreds of small glass beading with a help of skilled hands and crocheting needle.

Created during extremely precise and very time-consuming process, all to assure a stunning effect once placed on the woman’s hand.

Feel special on every occasion…


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