About MyMacroom

Hi. My name is Pat Melia.

I suppose when one sees the web address www.mymacroom.com, one automatically assumes the host is a native of Macroom.  In this instance the opposite is true. I am originally from Monasterevan in Co. Kildare.  Monasterevan is a small quiet town on the borders of counties Laois, Offaly and Dublin. The people of Monasterevan are a friendly and a happy go lucky people, and added to some picturesque scenery I am proud to say my heart will always be there.

You’re thinking why I’m here and not there.  Work brought me to Cork and not wishing to live in the city I made Macroom my home.  It is one of the best decisions I ever made.  I find a town steeped in history, most of which I will never know to its full extent.  I see a town full of tradition and as in most places, a town with its many colourful characters. These characters, added to the personalities and traits of its townspeople makes it a town to be proud of.

I am here since 2001 and I consider it home from home.  Since I set up home here I have become involved in lots of varied activities in town, most notably "The Sullane Players".  This is a drama group I founded in 2007 and as a group we have had  very successful productions on a yearly basis. 

There will be other links to this website and I ask you to forward photographs, stories or whatever you would like to see included on this site because www.mymacroom.com is YOUR MACROOM.


Welcome to this site. Do join in

Pat Melia